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About my project

So my project is on Touch Compatibility with CircuitVerse Website. The current situation of the CircuitVerse website is, it supports only desktop browsers i.e mouse, it does not have any touch support. So my aim is to bring out the website for touch devices, so more users can enjoy making circuits on their smartphones.

Let’s start with Phase 1

Phase 1 was all about touch integration. It started on June 7 still my practical/viva was going on online so I started late. I began on 12th June. I was not following the timeline that I declared on the proposal because I was confident enough that I could complete it before time. Since I was working for the community for more than 5 months, I was very well introduced to the code base by the time of phase 1. I was 70–80 % clear about what I am going to do and what will be my approach for the project. To add touch, the first thing I did was understand how the mouse works because if the mouse is working then touch has to work in any condition. While searching on the internet, I found that Javascript has listeners for the mouse. So in my local repository, I searched MouseStart and found code written in the listener.js file. I read Mouse Code, understood it and afterward, I started research on touch Listeners and read articles and tried to understand its working, and developed the basic structure of my project. Below are the given photos which will help you to get to know more about my project.



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Abhishek zade

Abhishek zade

Undergrad Student in IT || Software Developer || GSoC 2021 @Circuitverse