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About me

Hello Everyone, I am Abhishek R. Zade, currently an undergrad student in Information Technology at All India Shree Shivaji Memorial Society Pune.Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. I am in my third year. Currently, I am working with an open-source organization name CircuitVerse in this year’s GSoC.

About my project

My project is on Touch Compatibility with CircuitVerse Website. The current situation of the CircuitVerse website is, it supports only desktop browsers i.e mouse, it does not have any touch support. So I aim to bring out a website for touch devices, so more users can enjoy making circuits on their smartphones.

Current Desktop UI
  1. module property panel
  2. time diagram
  3. quick menu panel
  4. Navbar
Prototype designed on Adobe XD
Old UI
NavMenu Newly designed
NavMenu light Theme



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Abhishek zade

Abhishek zade

Undergrad Student in IT || Software Developer || GSoC 2021 @Circuitverse